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Lectures and Seminars: Video Services in New York City

Producing a Video for a Seminar in NYC

If you are holding a seminar in New York, then you definetely need a videographer. Using a video production service in the metropolitan area of New York then not only allows you to record a series of lectures or seminars, the medium can also be used to provide you with footage for company promotions, corporate events, and business documentaries as well. Production costs are based on whether you choose a half-day or full day’s worth of shooting as well as post-production charges for editing. Typically, a full day is considered to be nine hours for a video shoot.

Webcasting in the New York Metropolitan Area

Or, you may want to limit your video seminar to a webcast if you are based in New York and don’t want to foot the higher-than-average hotel bills. Webcasting enables businesses to hold lectures and seminars that reach a larger demographic than when the seminar is held in a brick-and-mortar location. Nowadays, traveling, dining, and accommodations can become quite cost-prohibitive, especially if you want to present a workshop or seminar in the New York area. Therefore, producing a webcast is a feasible alternative.

A Webcast Encourages more Viewer Participation

Plus, you can hold a seminar that can reach even more people than you could attract if you only confined your presentation to a meeting room at a hotel. In addition, a webcast encourages more viewer participation as attendees can post comments about the video.

Video Production – An Essential Resource

Or, you can hold a seminar in New York and use the services of a production company to share the presentation with viewers online too. If your budget will allow you to hold a seminar and videotape the presentation for use on the Web as well, you’ll definitely enjoy the type of exposure that can impact sales. Producing a video that can be shared on the Web gives you instantaneous feedback and increased visibility. Needless to say, a video production company in New York or in any other venues is one technical resource you can’t afford to overlook if you want to enhance your online presence.

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