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Real Estate Videos

Real Estate Videos

Our Real Estate Video Package includes:
1) 1-2 minute widescreen HD video
2) Videographer onsite with camera, wide-angle lenses, slider, Sony lavalier mic for 2-3 hours
3) Intro – real estate agent’s overview about property
4) Music and/or professional voice over
5) 2-3 days quick turnaround
6) File compatible with Youtube/Vimeo and other video platforms delivered electronically via dropbox

Many real estate agents that sell real estate or lease real estate have begun to find that real estate videos have offered a huge success rate. Using this new marketing technique to increase visibility can offer a great benefit to the client as well as the agent. Many agents have found that marketing via internet channels such as You Tube, they are able to leverage a higher viewing audience and increase traffic. This is beneficial for agents in terms of the amount of people they can reach who are interested in purchasing, selling or leasing real estate.

Real Arch Videography offers professional high quality real estate videos in HD format that can be used for presentations to clients or for broadcast marketing purposes. With the marketing technology changing at a rapid rate, it is important that agents keep up with this technology in order to remain successful in the coming years. We offer video services in New York and video production in New Jersey that include video editing. This provides a high quality finished product for real estate agents looking to include video in their marketing bag of tricks.Hiring a qualified and experienced videographer should be of the highest importance.

The reputation and image of a real estate agent is highly important. Using subpar videographers to manage video production can hurt a real estate business in the long run. Our company offers highly qualified and experienced professionals that are skilled and experienced in real estate videos. This is a different type of video production when compared to other video production services. It is important that the agency receive the high quality production services that can be available.

Quality New York City video production can be difficult to find. In the real estate industry, it can make or break a career when a low quality video is broadcast to viewers. This lowers the reliability for an agent, and sets a bad image out for potential clients to see. It is important that the video production services that are used highlight the real estate that is for sale or lease in a professional manner that only a high quality professional videographer like Real Arch Videography can provide. For property listings to a walk through in houses or apartments it is essential to offer a high quality format for the viewers to see. This will highlight the most important features in a property that can make or break a sale.[/h3]